EasyOne Pro Lab Multiple Breath Nitrogen Washout

The portable solution that offers the broadest spectrum of lung function testing in the specialist’s practice, clinic and hospital.

Spirometry (FVC, FVL, SVC, MVV & Provocation)
Single Breath CO Diffusion (DLCO)
Multiple Breath Nitrogen Washout
for Lung Volumes and Ventilation Inhomogeneity

No Calibration, No Warm-Up Time, No Moving Parts

  • Automated user guidance throughout manoeuvers based on the current ATS / ERS 2017 Standards
  • Z-score, LLN and % predicted for fast interpretation of results
  • Reproducible results ensure comparability in multicenter clinical trials
  • Real-time curves and Paediatric incentives
  • Immediate test quality feedback in accordance with ATS / ERS criteria
  • Export of pdf files and raw data Flexible HL7 and XML interface for easy EMR integration
  • Only 1 gas for DLCO and 1 gas for MBNW testing, no calibration gas required
  • Absolute hygienic solution with Spirette and Barriette consumables eliminates the risk of cross-contamination
  • Compact device with smooth surfaces for easy and thorough cleaning

EasyOne Pro LAB Brochure 2023 [pdf]

Roll Cart for EasyOne Pro [pdf]

Long-Term Stability of a Portable Carbon Monoxide Single-Breath Diffusing Capacity Instrument [pdf 575k]