EasyOne Pro DLCO


Advanced Lung Function Testing with DLCO in a Portable Solution

Spirometry (FVC, FVL, SVC & MVV), Single Breath CO Diffusion (DLCO)

No Calibration, No Warm-Up Time, No Moving Parts

  • Automated user guidance throughout manoeuvers based on the current ATS / ERS 2017 Standards
  • Z-score, LLN and % predicted for fast interpretation of results
  • Reproducible results ensure comparability in multicenter clinical trials
  • Real-time curves and Paediatric incentives
  • Immediate test quality feedback in accordance with ATS / ERS criteria
  • Export of pdf files and raw data Flexible HL7 and XML interface for easy EMR integration
  • Only 1 gas for DLCO, no calibration gas required
  • Absolute hygienic solution with Spirette and Barriette consumables eliminates the risk of cross-contamination
  • Compact device with smooth surfaces for easy and thorough cleaning

EasyOne Pro DLCO Brochure 2023

Roll Cart for EasyOne Pro

Long-Term Stability of a Portable Carbon Monoxide Single-Breath Diffusing Capacity Instrument [pdf 586k]