Dual Spray MiniSpacer™ Digital

The Dual Spray MiniSpacer® offers an effective and convenient way to administer MDI drugs in a ventilator circuit. The patented Dual Spray nozzle forms a bi-directional aerosol plume, improving delivery of the MDI medication. When used inline, the MiniSpacer eliminates drainage problems. When used at the endotracheal tube, it minimizes dead-space. The MiniSpacer performs like a spacer with the cost-effectiveness of an adaptor.

Patented Bi-Directional Nozzle

  • For dispensing MDI drugs into a ventilator circuit.
  • Dual-spray nozzle directs plumes in the upstream and downstream directions simultaneously, along the longitudinal axis of the MiniSpacer.
  • MDI canister stem is inserted directly into port of MiniSpacer.
  • Improves dose output, compared with a single-spray MDI adapter in the same location, at a reduced cost.
  • Cost-effective way to deliver MDI medications

A Permanent Part of the Circuit

  • Simplifies delivery of MDI medication to ventilator patients.
  • Minimizes amount of drug impinging on the walls of the ventilator tubing.
  • MDI port fits stems of all standard MDI canisters.
  • Lightweight and small; improves patient comfort and eliminates drainage problems.
  • Attached cap maintains a leak-free system.

Available in Three Connector Sizes

  • 22 mm O.D. x 22 mm O.D.
  • 22 mm O.D. x 22 mm I.D.
  • 15 mm O.D. x 15 mm I.D.
  • Dual-spray nozzle is the same in all three versions.

MiniSpacer Brochure – Niche Medical (239kb)