EasyOne Filter®

EasyOne Filter®
EasyOne Filter®

Woman With Easy One Filter

A spirometry filter solution by ndd the spirometry experts.

The EasyOne Filter is an Inline Bacterial/Viral filter which has been designed and manufactured specifically for the EasyOne range of Spirometers.  

The EasyOne Spirette mouthpiece and FlowTube mouthpiece protect the EasyOne range of Spirometers from contamination as both have been tested by independent laboratories and been proven to prevent cross contamination whilst the EasyOne Filter keeps the ambient environment clean for patients and healthcare professionals.

No need for Adaptors!

There are two versions of the EasyOne Filter: one which fits the FlowTube used in the EasyOne Air Spirometer and another to fit the Spirette used in the Easy on-PC Spirometer and EasyOne World Spirometers without the need for an Adaptor.

The unique EasyOne Filter with its innovative diffusor guarantees highly accurate measurements while ensuring high filter efficiency, low flow resistance, and minimal dead space volume.

EasyOne Filter meets the 2019 ATS/ERS Spirometry standards for accuracy. 

EasyOne Filter Brochure [pdf]