Hans Rudolph DLCO Simulator

Hans Rudolph™ DLCO Simulator

The 5560 Series DLco Simulator with EasyLab QC™ Software offers an apparatus and method to check the performance of your Single-Breath DLco Measurement equipment. The complete system includes the DLco Simulator Dual Syringe assembly with Mounting Plate, Roll Stand with Simulator Mount Adapter, three gas cylinder baskets and EasyLab QC™ Software (windows compatible). Up to three cylinder baskets can be mounted on the Roll Stand. Additional components required are E Size Aluminium Cylinders containing Primary Plus (primary standard) 1% gases and pressure regulator. Your gas requirement is based on the type / brand of DL equipment you will be checking with the simulator.

Hans Rudolph DLCO Simulator – Brochure [pdf 395k]