Valved Tee Adaptor™

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Valved Tee Adaptor


The Valved Tee™ Adaptor makes it simple to deliver aerosolised medication to your ventilator patients. Used in conjunction with a small volume nebuliser, the Valved Tee offers a safe and effective way to introduce the aerosol into the circuit. Unlike other tee adapters that require time-consuming and potentially hazardous breaks in the system, the Valved Tee is a permanent part of the ventilator circuit. Its unique valve opens and closes as the nebuliser is inserted and removed.

Unique Spring-Loaded Valve

  • For introducing aerosolised medication into a ventilator circuit.
  • Opens automatically when the nebuliser is inserted into the tee.
  • The nebuliser will hold firmly when pressed and twisted into place.
  • Closes automatically when the nebuliser is removed.
  • Maintains a closed ventilation system.
  • Eliminates the risks associated with accidental nebuliser disconnects.

A Permanent Part of the Circuit

  • Simplifies the delivery of aerosolised medication to ventilator patients.
  • Closed system minimises risk of contamination to patient and clinician.
  • Reduces the risk of pressure loss, FiO2 level, and tidal volume breath.
  • Improves patient comfort.
  • Anti-drip configuration minimises drainage from ventilator tubing into nebulizer bowl.
  • Attached cap for use between treatment

Available in Three Connector Sizes

  • 22 mm O.D. x 22 mm O.D.
  • 22 mm O.D. x 22 mm I.D.
  • 15 mm O.D. x 15 mm I.D.
  • 10 mm O.D. x 10 mm I.D.

The nebuliser port is the same size in all three versions.

Valved Tee™ brochure (342kb)