Ultrasonic Nebulisers

The Suchatzki range of Ultrasonic Nebulisers is manufactured in Germany and includes Table-Top Units for use in Laboratories and Mobile Units for use on Hospital Wards.

Ultrasonic Nebulisers are designed for the delivery of inhaled medications, commonly for the delivery of Hypertonic Saline for Induced Sputum’s and in Bronchial Provocation Testing.

The product features are as follows:

  • Ease of Use and Application
  • Reliability
  • Aerosol Output is adjustable from 0.5ml / min to 3.5ml / min
  • Electronic Interrupters Prevent Operation at Dryness
  • Compatible with Bacterial Filters
  • Continuous and Self-Regulating Feeding System
  • Availability of 2 Litre Stock Bottles
  • Quiet Operation
  • Choice of Continuous Operation or a 15 minute Timer
  • All Parts are Suitable for Sterilisation
  • Available with a Connection for Heating

Suchatzki Ultrasonic Nebuliser – Product Brochure (6mb)