Niche News – February 2010

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Welcome to Niche Medical’s Customer Newsletter – November 2010

This newsletter is designed to inform our customers of the latest information on our products and services.

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Craig Abud, Niche Medical

Important Firmware Upgrade for all EasyOne Spirometers

Depending upon the internal software version in your EasyOne spirometer there may be a firmware error related to the year 2010.

This issue is demonstrated when the date on your EasyOne reverts to the year 1.1.2000.

This issue will affect all EasyOne spirometers (both those with USB Cradles and Printer and those with EasyWare Software) and will be triggered by the following:

Synchronisation of your EasyOne spirometer to the EasyWare Software.
When we change our clocks back after daylight saving on 28 March 2010.
When we make any changes in General Settings in the EasyOne spirometer in the future.

The manufacturer, (ndd Medizintechnik) have produced a new version EasyWare software to solve the problem.

EasyWare V2.14 (2010) can be downloaded from the ndd website at the following location:

You will be prompted to enter

Username: EasyWare2010

Password: V214

We suggest that you download this software onto a stand-alone computer or a computer for which you have Administrator rights (password permission) to load software.

It will take approximately 10 minutes to download and install the EasyWare 2010 software.

Store the downloaded file (SetupEasy-WareV214.exe) in a folder on your PC. Double-Click to execute the downloaded file.

Follow the instructions given by the installation program.

  • Connect the EasyOne Cradle or the Screen Connector to the PC (do not yet put the EasyOne on the Cradle). The new driver will be installed. You have to enter the administrator password. In the next dialog (Windows Update) select No and continue, then select Install Software automatically. On the next dialog choose continue anyway.
  • Start EasyWare.

USB Cradle Update

  • After starting EasyWare the program verifies if the USB cradle requires a software update. If this is the case, please follow the steps indicated by the program.

EasyOne Update

  • Switch EasyOne on and put it on the Cradle or connect it to the ScreenConnector.
    EasyWare will verify if a software update of EasyOne is required. EasyWare will perform the necessary steps automatically; please follow the instructions given by the program and the latest firmware will be updated to your EasyOne spirometer and the date issue will be resolved.
  • Please remember to recheck your EasyOne spirometer Configuration Settings.
  • If you require any assistance please telephone us on 1300 136 855.

DLCO Simulation Service

The EasyOne Pro system has introduced a new standard of accuracy in the measurement of DLCO.

As a consequence we have received requests from respiratory scientists for the introduction of a DLCO simulation service.

The Hans Rudolph DLCO Simulator with EasyLab QC Software offers an apparatus and method to check the performance of your Single-Breath DLCO Measurement equipment.

We utilise Hans Rudolph Primary Plus Simulation Gases (+/- 1% Accuracy) with known values (i.e. tracer and CO) to simulate patient DLCO tests on all brands of PFT equipment.

Laboratories are provided with a comprehensive DLCO Simulation QC Report for each DLCO system at the completion of testing.

For further information, pricing and bookings for the DLCO Simulation Service you can simply reply to this email.

New Easy on-PC

Introducing a new product in the EasyOne spirometry range.

The Easy on-PC utilises the proven digital ultrasonic flow measurement technology, which ensures accurate results, repeatable performance and quality control with no moving parts and does not require calibration or maintenance.

The Easy on-PC is the new standard in PC-based spirometry with new software features as follows:

  • PC guided spirometry
  • Patient centred database
  • Tidal breathing selectable for Flow Volume Loop
  • Inspiratory and expiratory real-time curve
  • Upper and Lower Limits of Normal shown on Flow / Volume and Volume / Time Curves
  • Biological control check program
  • Child incentive
  • Automatic Quality Control user selection for best trial from 8 pre and 8 post bronchodilator trials
  • Trending of patient results over time

The standard measured parameters in the Easy on- PC are as follows: FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, FEV6, FEV1/FEV6, FEF25-75%, PEF, FET, FIVC and PIF and each individual parameter can be selected or not selected for testing and reporting.

In addition you can also choose to select and measure the following parameters: FEV .5, FEV .5/FVC, FEV .75, FEV .75/FVC and many others.

For a demonstration of the ”Easy on-PC” simply reply to this email or telephone our office on 1300 136 855.

Note: For research purposes the calibration of the Easy on-PC can be checked (validated) using any volume calibration syringe utilising an in-built protocol in the Easy on-PC and a full calibration report is produced and saved.