New Nasal NO (nNO) Application with NIOX VERO®

What is the role of nasal Nitric Oxide (nNO)?

  • nNO has been shown to be decreased in patients with PCD.
  • Measurement of nNO can assist in the identification of cases of PCD according to ERS guidelines.
  • Effective screening of patients with low risk can rule out non PCD cases and avoid further invasive and expensive confirmatory tests, whilst not missing true cases.

NIOX VERO® nNO application provides a non-invasive and cost-efficient way to differentiate patients with PCD from healthy individuals.

NIOX VERO is the only CE marked nNO device with documented clinical data for differentiating patients with PCD from healthy individuals.

NIOX VERO Nasal NO Brochure [265k pdf]

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