Lung Flute Therapeutic/Diagnostic

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Lung Flute Therapeutic/Diagnostic


The Lung Flute is a safe, effective, convenient and rapid method of sputum induction.

Low Frequency Acoustic Waves Help Patients’ Natural Mucus Clearing System:

A low frequency wave is generated at the mouth by exhaling through a mouthpiece over a laminar surface (Reed) inside the Lung Flute®. The resulting low frequency acoustic wave that is produced travels retrograde into the lower airways and lung parenchyma and increases mucociliary clearance.

Patients expel air with the force required to blow out a single candle.

Use of the lung flute for sputum induction in children with cystic fibrosis [750k pdf]

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Lung Flute improves symptoms and health status in COPD with chronic bronchitis [597k pdf]

Evaluation of Lung Flute in sputum samples for molecular analysis of lung cancer [830k pdf]

Lung Flute Diagnostic – Brochure [600k pdf]

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Lung Flute – Physics and Physiology [pdf 400k]


There a two versions of the Lung Flute: Diagnostic and Therapeutic.

The Therapeutic Lung Flute is indicated for Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) Therapy and is clinically proven to be an effective method for Mucociliary Clearance.

Therapeutic Lung Flute features include:

  • Simple hand-held device
  • Low pressure operation
  • Replaceable reeds

The Diagnostic Lung Flute is designed to be an alternative to hypertonic saline in the collection of diagnostic sputum samples for respiratory diseases such as cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, lung cancer, tuberculosis and asthma.

Diagnostic Lung Flute features include:

  • Simple hand-held disposable device
  • Low pressure operation