Innospire Deluxe

Innospire Deluxe is a reliable and easy to use compressor nebuliser system for nebulising most aerosol medications prescribed for common respiratory diseases. Suitable for professional or home use, Innospire Deluxe has been designed to easily manage prolonged us in a clinical environment as well as frequent use in the home. It is capable of nebulising all inhaled aerosol drug therapies including Antibiotics, Pulmozyme™ and Bronchodilators with Sidestream Plus Breath Enhanced Nebuliser.

  • Matched with Sidestream Reusable or Sidestream Plus
  • 7LPM driving flow
  • Continuously rated for constant use
  • Large integral storage
  • Handle for easy transport

Innospire Deluxe Brochure [pdf 600k]